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a stretch sequence to Wake up your body!

Stretching wakes up the body and creates energy!

It consists of poses linked in a series to create a flow of movement, building heat and waking up your body.

These poses lengthen, strengthen, stretch and extend the main muscles of the body. Try it out, using our guide below.

Easy Stretch Flow

  • Begin by placing your palms together in front of your chest in Mountain Pose

  • Inhale, lift your arms overhead

  • Exhale, lower the arms down and fold your torso to Standing Forward Fold

  • Inhale, arch your torso into a slight back bend with the fingertips to the floor or blocks to Standing Half-Lift

  • Exhale, step your left then right foot back into Plank

  • Inhale, shift your weight forward

  • Exhale, lower yourself to a hover, Push up 

  • Inhale, arch your torso up and straighten your arms into

     Upward Dog

  • Exhale, step back to Downward Dog

  • Inhale

  • Exhale, step the left then right foot forward to Forward Fold

  • Inhale, lift your torso and reach your arms overhead to standing with arms overhead

  • Finally, Exhale, lower your arms to chest, returning you back to Mountain Pose


*Repeat the sequence on both sides


The transition from posture to posture should take place during either your inhale or exhale. Make each movement as mindful and precise as possible. As you move through the sequence, be aware of your breathing. If your breathing isn't smooth, slow down or stop. 

You'll enjoy these movements more as you become familiar with them. Practice them daily. Slowly increase rounds to build stamina. Move quickly to generate heat or more moderately to create a moving meditation. 

Want to practice your Stretching in a guided environment? Each of our Mobiity Classes offer several opportunities for you to practice in a safe, easy to understand environment. Check it out!

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