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Revivewell Client Stories and testimonials
Our clients have put in
crazy hard work to realize their dreams. We celebrate them by telling their stories. 
You too, have an amazing story ready to unfold
and we can't wait to celebrate it with YOU.

"I have experienced many injuries in my life from dance set backs to major illness and ultimately, a lot of limiting beliefs about my body's ability to be strong.
She, [Clarissa] is the first personal trainer that I felt, has really taken the time to hear my story and meet me where I am.
After only a few sessions, with very manageable homework that was tailored to my schedule and desires, I feel a lot stronger, more capable, and much more in touch with what my body's needs and desires are. I am incredibly grateful."

- Gabby H.

"My low back pain has limited my ability to 
fully reach my goals since my freshman year of college.
At Revivewell,  I always leave the studio feeling refreshed  and  pain free.
I have now reached  several of my goals, eliminated my low back pain and built some great friendships."
- Adam M.

"This studio is absolutely MAGICAL!! It’s more than the beauty within the studio walls. It is the feeling you experience when you walk through the door!

This is a warm, inviting, happy place.

I walk out of each class feeling relaxed, stretched and powerful."

- Stephanie E.

"I sustained a traumatic back injury that left me too scared to do any lifting for a year.
Thanks to Revivewell, I am happily lifting again now with proper form.
What really stands out about the training I received here, is not only their knowledge of body mechanics and rehabilitation but the support on an emotional level during training.
I feel like my trainer builds me up emotionally,
while helping me achieve more from my workouts."

- Melissa B.

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