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Personal Trainer 

I believe that fitness has the power to transform not only your body, but your mind as well. It really is true, you're only one workout away from a good mood!

By creating unique and personalized workout programs, I help my clients reach their health and wellness goals by providing the tools needed to succeed! With my degree in Dietetics, I create nutrition plans that are easy to follow and enjoyable. I provide knowledge and confidence my clients need to make everyday nutrition choices to keep them on track. I'll always provide motivation and support the whole way through their journey! 

BS - Dietetics at University of Georgia

NASM - Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

My passion is for people to live happy, healthy and well! I love how good movement makes me feel and I love helping others find this kind of "feel good" too. I started as a competitive runner chasing the high. Later, I discovered how good it also feels to let go through recovery techniques. These days I practice a wide variety of movements and love it all! I value the intensity of both exercising hard and recovering both mind and body through mindful movements and myofascial release. Learning and teaching better movement patterns so we can feel truly amazing in our bodies is my highest goal!

BS - Human Physiology at University of Oregon

AAS - Fitness Specialist

NESTA - Personal Trainer

NASM - Fitness Nutrition Specialist

NESTA - Sport Yoga Instructor

ETC - Soft Tissue Release

Personal Trainer

I've trained hundreds of people with all goal types over the past decade. I love helping people find the type fitness that best suits their needs and lifestyle. My passion is helping individuals come to the realization that fitness doesn't have to be the stereotypical, "Work as hard as you possibly can, for as long as you can."  It simply requires a basic understanding of how your body works and bit of strategic planning around the time you are willing to commit to fitness.

I enjoy a broad scope of training including, powerlifting, fat loss and exercise psychology. On the side I love fixing cars and trail running.

BS - Mechanical Engineer Portland State University

NASM - Personal Trainer

NASM - Fitness Nutrition Specialist

NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist

Exercise ETC. INC.-  Core Training

Exercise ETC. INC. - Soft Tissue Release

Mobility Instructor

13 years ago I fell in love with the community and the healthy lifestyle that movement brings. To date, I have taught over 4,000 hrs of yoga, barre and boot camp, as well as deep restorative stretch and meditation.

I love the mental and physical aspects of movement, and being able to challenge my students in a safe, creative, and fun class. I exude positive energy with loud music and heart-pumping exercises that make my students feel electric during class, yet tranquil afterwards.  My classes are filled with laughter, positive energy, and fun; I always seek to fill the room with smiles while guiding my students through challenging sequences.

I believe that by giving yourself the opportunity to feel good, you can in turn give just as much to others and the ones you love.

Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hr

Intensive Yoga Teacher 100 hr

Sculpt Yoga Certified