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About Revivewell's story


Revivewell is a fitness experience designed uniquely for you with a balance of strength and recovery So you can feel your best!

After years of life and training, we noticed something... people work really REALLY hard.

We work so hard, that we're exhausted, strung out and rarely enjoy good energy.

We noticed this epidemic bleeding into the fitness culture too - always striving to workout harder, longer, more - never practicing recovery.

After struggling with burnout, fatigue and injury ourselves, we discovered something extremely powerful - life changing.

The more recovery we practiced, both mentally and physically, the more amazing we felt. We discovered how to work, workout and rest with efficiency. Optimizing this blend we found more energy and more passion for life.

It's crazy that we work ourselves so hard that self care days, or even hours, are a rare luxury. We'd like to change that.

We want everyone to experience the sweet relief of enjoying balance in wellness.  Workouts shouldn't wear us out, they should energize us! Don't worry, we still like to workout hard, but these days we rest hard too.

Blending Private Training, Nutrition and Mobility, we've created the most empowering fitness experience you’ve had yet!

Get away for an hour or two at Revivewell, do something good for yourself and feel amazing when you leave. 

We're excited you're here!

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