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Meditation Guide
for Beginners

Working and exhausted, our lives can be so demanding.
The hustle and chatter of our mind can be never ending.
The good news is you can control the chaos and find a little more calm.
There is no one right way to meditate. Meditation - the experience, the goal and the value - all differ for everyone. Experiment and see what you like!

Below we've combined 5 simple steps to achieve a little chiller state of mind whenever you need it!

  • Sit up tall and take 6 deep breaths

         This prepares your mind and body to focus and                                 enjoy the meditation

  • Relax your muscles one by one

         Think about each muscle and                                                             consciously release any tension you're carrying            

  • Think and then release

         Allow yourself to process any distracting                                             thoughts that come to mind and let them pass.

         If you feel yourself getting distracted -

         focus your attention back to your breath

  • Express gratitude

          This puts you in a more positive state of                         



  • Set your intention

          Part of the value of meditation is choosing the                                    how you want your day to unfold following                                          your meditation.  How do you want to feel today?!​

Interested in trying this out further? Our Yoga Classes offer an opportunity during each class to put your meditation practice in action. Try a class today! 

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