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5 Moves to Instantly

Lower Stress

Whether you’ve been straining to read that
recipe, or working hard to meet that  deadline,
 don’t wait around for a family member to try out their
massage techniques on you,
take care of that tension yourself and get back to
feeling good!

by Clarissa Evans

Head + Neck tension release

Place the bottom of your skull on a ledge, a block, book or ball. Very slowly and heavily rock your head side to side feeling the muscles at the base of the head. If they tense, pause on that spot and take a few deep breaths until you feel they release.

When you’re done with your self massage session, use your hands to lay your head down on the floor for one final neck stretch before rushing off to finish that shopping and pie baking.

Easy Seated neck stretch

This is my favorite simple stretch to instantly release tension and reset. You can do it in the middle of present wrapping, at the office desk or around the dinner table.

Sit however is most comfortable to you. Raise your shoulders to your ears and take a deep breath in, as you exhale, let the shoulders fall naturally but heavily. Drop one ear to the same side shoulder and take 5 – 8 breaths. Return upright and gently repeat deep breath process with shoulders shrugged. Drop other ear to shoulder for another 5 – 8 breaths.

Legs up the wall

Any type of leg 'inversion’ is great for relieving tired feet and legs by reversing the pull of gravity, decreasing inflammation and blood pooling. It also feels great as a decompression of the low back muscles and pelvic bones.

Roll onto one side with your butt up against a wall. Roll legs straight up the wall and relax tailbone to the floor. Relax your upper body and just let the legs hang out up there for 2 – 5 minutes. Exit the way you entered and go about your merry way!

Forward Fold Neck, shoulder +

Back Release

This is a great way to take some huge breaths and totally release tension out of the entire upper body. Bend knees plenty so that belly is supported on thighs. Completely relax your head, neck and shoulders while breathing deeply. 

Bend the knees extra as you roll back upright and feel a little more awake!

Simple twist

Twists are an incredible way to massage internal organs, cleanse the lymphatic system and stretch deep core muscles.

Lie on your back, open your arms and drop your knees to one side. Take 5 deep breaths and drop the legs over to the other side. Once you return to a straight position, blood will rush into the side body opening you up and relaxing your gut. Good stuff!

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