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It's that time, our favorite time, goal-setting time!

Time to get clear on what you want. Clean out the excess, the unneeded, the unwanted and focus on what's most important.

Setting the right kind of goals is so vital for

your success in actually achieving them. 


Let's set your dreams high and line up those goals so those dreams become reality. You can do whatever you want with the right plan,

focus and action! Let's do this!

1. Begin with gratitude

Grab a journal and free write all the things that happened over the past year that you are grateful for.

Don't be shy.

Give yourself a pat on the back about all the things that went right!

Actually spending time CELEBRATING YOUR WINS will give you momentum and motivation to dream big and go back at it again!

2. Look back at the past

What were your biggest lessons? Write them out.

What were your biggest wins? Write them out.

What do you need to cut? Write it out.

What do you need to add? Write it out.

Why were these lessons and accomplishments important to you?

Taking time to dig a little deeper will help you get to the root of your core values helping you hone in on what's MOST IMPORTANT.

3. Let go of the excess

Now that you know what's most important, what do you need to LET GO of? Create space for yourself to accomplish the huge dreams you're gonna chase!

Literally list the feelings, people, things and appointments that are no longer helping you stay focused on what's most important to you this year. Let 'em go. Don't be held back.


4. Dream up all the things

NOW you've got a clean canvas - heart full, schedule open - let's dream! 

Again, free write as much as you can about what you want to feel like, what you want to accomplish and who you want to be this year - GO. BIG.

5. Set those Goals, Baby!

You've got a lot on the page, it's time to make it work. Look back through what you've written. Choose BITE-SIZED goals that are the stand out on the page to you. You know, the ones that make your head and stomach swim a little. Set both goals you KNOW you can achieve AND stretch goals, ones that feel slightly out of your comfort zone.


6. Get Excited

It's time to FEEL excited and motivated and hungry to achieve those goals! The more you can make the sensations real IN YOUR BODY, the more likely they are to be solidified for you! Jump up and down and DECLARE what you're going to do this year. You're a big deal and your dreams are huge, you're gonna need all the passion you can muster. SERIOUSLY DO IT. You've got this.


*** Remember, there will be moments that you will feel a little lost or out of energy. Go back through your free writes to get in touch with your original passion, revise where needed and keep going. Every day won't be perfect. Pick it back up and go again!

If you'd like a little more help with making your health-related goals into a tangible plan,

We can help with that.

Book a Session with one of our coaches, and we'll help you map out a daily plan that covers your goals for

Fitness, Nutrition and Mindfulness.


You got this, really! 

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