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Take a few minutes to self-evaluate, 
...where are you now and what would you like?

1. What does your health routine look like?

          What do you do regularly for your mental, physical and nutritional needs?

                   Print out the guide below and write in your thoughts from step 1. in the                                 CURRENT section of the calendar below.

2. What area(s) of your health are you most unhappy or most imbalanced in right now?           What ways would you like to improve your health? Make sure you know what                       life would look like when you achieve those goals. Write it down in the GOALS                       section of the guide.

3.  Every day, find ONE WAY that you can make a healthy choice that puts you closer to your goals.

                   (i.e. Walk 2,000 more steps, send a quick note of encouragement to a friend,                         eat an avocado, meditate for 5 minutes! etc.)                            ​

4.  Celebrate!

         Celebrate your progress every day.

                   You’re getting closer to your fullest potential!


We know the hardest part about a new plan a lot of times is just getting started, so we challenge you, START NOW! Don’t wait for tomorrow, do something, anything now! Move your body a little more than you did yesterday. Make one better food choice today than you did yesterday. Tell yourself something awesome about yourself today!


If you would like support or motivation while going over your goals, or anytime throughout your 30 days, give us a call or come in to the studio so we can help you out – it’s what we love doing – really!

30 Days to a Balanced

and Healthy You!

 Our dream is that you feel confident and in control

of your health and life.

Use the guide below for the next 30 days to improve your health

and celebrate your life!

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